Sunday, September 26, 2010

Big Fall Ride 5, Tuesday Ride, I raced for 8, etc

Going backwards in time here, we rode our annual-ish Rocky Mountain National Park ride. It was awesome. Full moon, perfect temps and zero need for lights on the entire ride. Up Fall River Road, and up and over Trail Ridge was all done in the dark. Very excellent. I even broke out the Bridgestone XO-1 for the occasion :)

I was a bike racer again last weekend at the most excellent Stone Temple 8 at Curt Gowdy State Park. ST8 is an 8 hour endurance race. I ended up racing solo and finishing 9th out of 18. I made 7 laps on a pretty technical (for a racecourse) course. Had a couple of mechanicals and I found myself on the ground a couple times, too. All in all, not too shabby for this fat out of shape non bike racer bike shop owning dad. Least I thought so.
So for future events, this Tuesday we're riding Coulsons. We're going close so we can go to the Redstone Tuesday Ride Grand Opening of Chubway in Lyons! Normally, Chubway will close around 8 or so, but I've got them convinced to stay open for us. Beer, BBQ and Burritos, here we come!

Oh, lastly, keep this Sunday 10/3 open. Wide Open. Big Fall Ride #5 is coming up! 8am at the bike shop. We'll be back around 6 or 7 to grill, drink beer, and pretty much have a good time. Yeehaaaaw!

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