Thursday, March 08, 2007


MIGZ & I made it out for a shortened night ride last evening. On a great night with the stars & moon above we had the event cut a bit short. MIGZ massive wattage snapped his Raceface drive side crank arm right off. I approached the scene quite surprised to notice him holding his bike & the crank arm with pedal laying on the rocks. He was able to limp that baby home with one leg. For his work he received a beer & an introduction to my whiskey drinking roommate in his Irish best.

We should have known it would be an eventful evening as a precursor to our ride Debaser came stumbling in brandishing wounds from his ride. Word is a full on over the bars experience, nice work!


redstone said...

WOW. Keep up the great work out there, fellas!

debaser said...

That's impressive.

I sure do have some sexy legs.