Monday, March 19, 2007

Lefthand Good News/Bad News

I was up at Lefthand OHV tonight, and it was as perfect as that place gets. Carnage Canyon is about 90% dry, 9% wet, 1% sloppy. I went up that, up Fireman, down the singletrack to the right back to the Jeep.

Good news is that the closure notices are down from the Jamestown fire. I didn't have time to climb up to where the fence was, hopefully its gone, and if it is that opens up miles of doubletrack.

Bad news is that the printed new maps that show Carnage Canyon, but describe it as being closed. If you want to ride it you might want to do it soon before signage and or fencing closes it down.

1 comment:

debaser said...

my bad: the new map doesn't read that Carnage is closed. Oops.