Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Desert Details

Thursday - Leave early. Meet at the bike shop (optimistically) at 7am. Maybe we'll be lucky enough to roll out by 7:45. Drive to Moab and find a camp spot on Sand Flats across from Slickrock. Set up camp and ride somewhere. After ride, eat, party.

Friday - ride all day. We'll be waiting on some Friday arrivals so we'll head out around 10. The ride is yet tbd. After ride, get back, eat, pack up camp and drive to Fruita. Set up camp in Rabbit Valley. Party.

Saturday - all day ride from camp. Get back, eat, maybe ride some more. eat. party.

Sunday. Get up and pack up camp. Roll out, hit Marys Loop stuff or 18rd on the way out o' town. Drive home. Tired.

If anyone wants to hook up for all or part, call the shop phone 303.823.5810. It forwards to my mobile.


Schuman said...

Thanks Desert Dave.

It looks like myself and Arn will be meeting you in Fruita on Friday. We are going to leave in the morning and maybe do a ride in Fruita and then wait for you guys to show.

Dug said...

Sounds fun. Wish I could make it, but I just got back from a different desert (LA).

redstone said...

LA is more of a wasteland than a desert :)

It will be good to see you guys out there, Ron and Arn!

Melis said...

Thanks for the trip Divot Dave!