Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ON my way to ride tonight...

Since I'm on the short leash these days, waiting for that kid that's now 5 days overdue, I check in with the wife right after work to see if I can squeeze in one more ride. I got the okay today, and headed to hit Pipeline and Betasso since I haven't been up there since the fall. After 20 minutes of navigating the wild hippy filled streets of Boulder I'm about to head up the canyon for my ride, and the phone rings. It's the wife.

She says, "It's Wednesday isn't it?"

Wednesday. Wednesday. What's Wednesday? I start going through the mental checklist. After a few moments it hits me: Betasso is closed to bikes on Wednesday.



Anonymous said...

my wife has that same kid of memory.

Schuman said...

Gotta love them women. Here she is very close to the due date and she calls to remind you of the trail closure. Now thats a good woman.

Best of luck to you and your wife with your new baby. All the Redstoners will be thinking about you.

chris L said...

Well, have a doughnut.

MG said...

damn... being denied sucks, doesn't it?

hope z has baby-G soon. keep us posted, and good luck.


Phil said...

Glad to hear the Wife's down with riding, especially that close to due date.
FYI - we'll often ride up from DT Boulder and then up the connector trail and back down a few times on Wednesdays. It's good for the calves, and there's very little bike traffic on the connector.

debaser said...

Phil, that sounds like training, who do you think I am? I only suffer up the connector to get the sweet sweet loopy goodness of Betasso, and of course the fun fun dh back down.