Thursday, August 03, 2006

revised Eldorado TSA out today

The Eldorado Trail Study Area has been revised and just released today. This is the network of trails west of SH93 - Doudy Draw, Community Ditch, etc. At the meetings a few months ago, we lobbied hard for multi use access to everything, and more trail opportunities.

City of Boulder came back with a very middle of the road approach. Luckily, we've been off the back so far as a user group, we stand to make huge gains even with the middle of the road! There are a couple of straight up/straight down non sustainable routes that were taken off the bike table, but the rest looks very promising. Think of several miles of new singletrack. City of Boulder, too, so it'll be legal to night ride.

I need to read thru the entire verbage but I'll get more info up soon. Hopefully, Debaser will chime in. Heck, that's pretty darn far south, but imagine this...

Lyons - Hall - Heil - Beech OS (next on the TSA agenda)- Foothills trail - bikepath thru boulder - Marshall Mesa - Doudy Draw - new trails - Rattlesnake Gulch. yeahhhhh!


debaser said...

After a quick glance, it looks pretty good. I havn't had a chance to read through the whole thing, but it looks like there will be 15 miles of trail, and all but about 2 miles would be open to bikes. That's bigger than Hall Ranch, for instance. And it's connected directly to the Marshall Mesa area, which is getting more trails this summer. For us living in Louisville, we will be able to ride bike paths to Marshall mesa to new trails to Rattlesnake. I'm tentatively guessing at least 5 hours of trails out there!

Anonymous said...

Is there a proposed map for this (couldn't seem to find it)? I also live here in Louisville. Currently, I can ride to the mouth of Eldo on 96% dirt trails, 2% DR, 2% RD. Not really Mt. biking but a trail nonetheless. I've always thought it would be cool to then ride up through eldo to walker then back home. That would be a ~22mi RT.

debaser said...

Access the plan documents by using this link:

There's a map there. Everything on it, actually.

It's a huge leap forward, but there's still a lot of negative stigma about biking in there, and there's some less than well thought out reasons behind what's been added and taken away from the plan. My impression is that more should have happened.

Also, anonymous, check out BMA's website: at
There's a trail day happening to create new trail from the 128/93 intersection out to the Coalton Trail. Sign up for the emails, you'll get it all firsthand.