Friday, August 11, 2006

another good word on the Heil connector

The Olson property arrangement with Lyons and Boulder County had yet to go thru county process at the county's POSAC (Parks Open Space Advisory Committee). Upon hearing of the pending sale deal, POSAC set an emergency meeting in Boulder Thurs 8/10 to discuss the details (since Boulder County is the party ultimately paying for the land).

Great news tonight! POSAC rubber stamped the deal. No big fuss and no more waiting for a trail connector. We're going to see this happen. There is no more legal wiggle room for Vic Olson - woohoo! The sale will close on 9/8.

Oh, and get this. Not only is Lyons Mayor Angelo chestbeating the deal locally by proclaiming that we now can put in a rec center on that chunk of land (great idea but where will the $ come from), but he is also telling folks that we have room for a Velodrome now, too. Perhaps someone will tell Doug Emerson. heh heh. Politician anyone?

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