Thursday, August 24, 2006

public service announcements

couple of things. First, the bike shop will be closed the next 2 weekends. This weekend the crew is headed to the Taylor Park/Crested Butte universe for a little peace of mind and singletrack slaying. Labor Day weekend will be more of the same in the western reaches of Montana. Well, sort of the same but with more rocks.

Secondly, it was recently revealed to me that the roads in Spring Gulch are actually not private at all. Some digging by our local fire dept (that was told it could't drive thru the forested neighborhood of Spring Gulch) turned up the fact that all of the roads in Spring Gulch are (Larimer) County roads but are maintained privately. Read into that what you will.

Lastly, I talked with local parks and rec cheif Dave Cosgrove tonight at the concert in the park. Timeline for plans for a Heil Ranch Trail head is 1 year. Sooo, expect we'll be riding it in a couple.

More as it comes, back to regularly scheduled programming!

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Chaybo said...

cya soon good buddy.