Saturday, August 12, 2006

We rode Hall Ranch on last Tuesday's ride. I was happily surprised to see the erosion in the rock garden from the last couple of weeks thunderstorms. The lines have definitely changed, and some embedded rocks have grown in stature. Unfortunately, not everyone shares my opinion on the even more technical nature of the trail. Several cheater lines have developed literally overnight from folks that would rather ride around than dismount. I had so much fun Tuesday that I snuck out for about 45 minutes today for a quick up and over. I didn't think I was that early, but the park was relatively empty. I only saw 3 people - not too bad for a Saturday.

Here's a shot of the biggest braid of all, and it just sprouted in the last week. See the line in the dirt by the front tire of the On-One?
well, it's not a line, or at least it had not existed prior to a few days ago. The line is that shadowy crevice to the left.

Today's was a dandy ride. Back on Old South is always good.

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