Monday, April 26, 2010

Where to go when the snow flies

Left Hand OHV, of course. I woke to 4" of snow in the yard, but within a few hours of sun, most of it had disappeared. Figuring that Hall and Heil would be much to muddy to tread on, I headed to the sandy and south facing Left Hand Canyon OHV area. I was glad I did.

Traction up 286 to five points got straight up muddy in a couple of spots.

From 5points up was pretty good, though. Mostly due to the rocky nature of the trail, there's not too much dirt to get muddy it turns out. Today I took 286 all the way to the top where the next kiosk is. I did a little loop in the 288 area then headed east a bit. There was definitely snow up top. Wet, slushy snow.
After taking in the view, I reviewed my plan. Having not come down 238 in years, I was itching to see what it was looking like these days.
Saw some sights along the way.
To my surprise, it was signed on top. 238 has been there and on maps for years but for some reason, the high entrance hasn't ever really been that evident. Thinking that perhaps it'd get a bit more traffic now, I pedaled onward and down to see what or if anything had changed.

As it turned out, not much had changed. The moisture was a factor right off the bat.

There was basically a river running down the trenched out trail.
The water was flowing hard and it had dislodged a lot of loose rocks inside it's trench. Wow - good stuff.

It turned out tobe a definitely worthwhile adventure today. I think we'll even do most of it for our Tuesday Nite Ride this week. How bout that? Meetup at the shop at 5:30pm or the lower LHC entrance at 6ish.

Expect to get wet :)


kjohnson said...

I would be psyched to do 238. Is that is the steep single track from almost the very top that that I can never seem to find?

redstone said...

Yep. And now it's a running rocky river. Much fun.

redstone said...

The last 3 pics are all of 238.