Monday, May 03, 2010

You want more LHC, I give you more LHC!

To start off, here's a few shots of last weeks pain and suffering, before the fun parts started.

And then the fun started. Dropped right into the main funnel of all the big drainages at LHC. Wet and rocky. And steep.

Figuring we'd head to Left Hand one more week before heading a little farther up, I went out to do a little more recon today. Ended up hiking quite a bit. Good views for sure. Gives perspective on the steepness.
Open and legal baby.
Tuesday. Ride. 5:30 at the shop to caravan or 6pm (ish) at the LHC OHV entrance, lower parking lot. Hopefully the last LHC ride we'll have for a while. :)

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Randy said...

I'll see you guys at the trailhead, riding there, bringing a buddy.