Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Golden Bike Park news

I just got this email from the Golden Bike Park gang. They've got some good momentum on a cool project down there, check it out :)
Golden Bike Park Supporters,
We have been very busy the past few weeks!

If you don't already know, the Golden Bike Park was approved by the Golden City Council. We quickly moved to into the permitting phase and dialed in the logistics. Terry Breheny stepped in and worked hard to get all the permits approved prior to project start. The crew mobilized quickly to start the pre-trail construction, starting the bio-swale, stormwater work, and removing scrub from the area's of interest. We are well on our way to getting this project started.

IMBA, in conjunction with COMBA is bringing in a world class trail designer for our longer 'Flow Down Hill' Trail. He will start work on the bi-directional and downhill flow trail later this week. The Golden Bike Park Group got the skills development area cleared of rubbish and put in a skeletal pump/jump/flow track. We'll be working final design and initiating work on this area within the days to come. We are ensuring that the skills area is for everyone from kids on Stryders, Adults on XC bikes and kids on dirt jumpers. This will be an area where the entire family can work on their biking skills!

You can glance at the progress from the Fairmount Trail, accessed from Tony Grampsass or connected by North Table Mountain Trails. Please keep off site until we are complete with the construction and the park is officially open.

Many of you have asked to be volunteers in the future design and maintenance of the park. We still have these lists and will be contacting you within months to help with final form and fit of the trails.

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