Sunday, November 01, 2009

Tuesday Ride 11/3

Now that DST is over, we'll be meeting up at 6pm. No sense trying to chase the daylinght now that there's not any. Needless to say, all rides will be lights mandatory until, we'll, Spring.

This week we're hitting Left Hand OHV. It'll be steep and icy and a total crapshot but we're going to hit it anyway. Uber steep jeep road climbs that will make you hate life, followed by steep fast descents that make you forget at least just a little bit of the climbs :) But not all.


Eric said...

Where are you planning on parking? I may be rushing and need to meet up at trailhead. Thanks!

redstone said...

We'll park at the bottom of Carnage Canyon. Right where the USFS sign is on LHC.