Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Snow Day

It was a slow-ish day in the bike shop today. That was good, though, as it let me get a few things finished around the shop. After a few regulars passed thru around closing time, I mustered up enough gumption to get out from behind the counter and outside for a bike ride. I can't say the weather was particularly tempting. It was gray outside, 30 degrees, wet, and just kinda miserable all around. But it was my afternoon to ride (tomorrow, too - woohoo) so I was going to make it happen. A lot of you have heard me say this plenty of times before, but it's plenty true. I think I've ridden more in crappy deplorable conditions more than I ever used to since having kids. When you have time, you have to take it. Sometimes a sanity break is just what the doctor ordered, regardless of what mother nature is up to.

Today was one of those days. I had spent all morning with a full mug so I was warm, caffieinated and ready to roll.

Feeling lazy about future bike maintanence and thinking ease of cleaning, I put pedals on the SS and got it ready to roll. After donning PI Amfib from head to toe, I was ready to head out. It was cold. The original plan was to roll around town on the LGS but I found myself drawn to Picture Rock. It was acceptably good. Conditions were snowpacked and partly cleared. The clear sections were few but actually tacky. Nice.
I had to at least pedal up to the BMA pic-a-nic table. I heard that the benches were a recent addition so I had to check them out. The snow on the table paints a pretty good picture of the snowfall, too. Apparently, all the other users of the trail in the snow (1 bike, couple of hikers) decided to turn around at the table as well.
There were no tracks past the pic-a-nic table, but I forged on.
I didn't make it very far past mile marker 2. Oh, by the way, Boulder County installed all of the mile markers to make it safer and easier for rescue efforts and trail work. nice. Past mm2, the snow was firm, wet, thick, and not easily travelled. This is as far as I made it.
The descent to Lyons was a fast slip slidery good time. I'm glad I got out.

Wonder where I'll go tomorrow?

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