Monday, September 21, 2009

Tuesday Ride update 9/22

RMNP cross ride for his Tues, 9/22 is CANCELLED.

Bring your mountain bike and depart from the shop at 5:30. I think we're probably better off tomorrow to keep 'er east of the Peak to Peak. Any suggestions?

So it looks like now Friday, 9/25 is the new we've got set for the RMNP cyclocross bike ride. We're still going to have to play it by ear. Stay tuned.


chris L said...

It looks like friday would be the best. I have been doing this ride for 10 years and the weather only allowed my to do it 5 times. Going up that high with rain possible would be crazy. We also want clear skies so we can ride by the moon.

redstone said...

Let's shoot for Friday. Forecast no lookey good until then anyway. Grrrr.

kjohnson said...

Are we riding tonight? Raymond to Ceran Saint Vrain?

redstone said...

I'm down for whatever. We can make the call at the shop?