Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Big Fall Ride Four!

Save the date - Sunday September 27. This will be our 4th ever Big Fall Ride, BFR4. We'll meet up at the bike shop at 8am (yes, 8am) for the ride.

This is a BIG ASS RIDE. Seriously, it will be hard. Mileage will be 40-50, over 4,000' of climbing and around 7500' of descending. Your wheels will spin on jeep road, singletrack, dirt county road, and paved road. We will hit it all :)

Riders will be shuttled up to the Peak to Peak near Allenspark to start the ride. We will start up Bunce School Road and ride a route on mostly singletrack and jeep road all the way back to Lyons. I prerode this course last year and busted my hump to finish it in 6.25 hours with minimal breaks. On last years BFR3, we rode the same route but started at Peaceful Valley. With approximately 25 riders, it took us just about 8 hours. The addition of Bunce will add another 45 minutes to one hour.

Here's a link to a few posts of last years goodness. This is not a novice ride. Heck, this isn't really an intermediate/advanced ride either. We'll call this an experts only ride. Be prepared for anything and everything. There are NO BAILOUTS. Well, you can bail, but it means a long, long ride on the road back to anywhere important. If you're in doubt if this ride is for you or not, it probably is not.

Oh, we'll have the grill fired up and a cooler full of beer waiting, too! (and soda)

For those of you not in doubt, we'll see you on 9/27! Looking forward to it.

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