Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BFR4 reminder!

Don't forget, Big Fall Ride 4 is coming up this sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! 8am at the bike shop and it looks as if the weather gods will smile upon us. We'll be hitting some of the finest riding at some of the finest riding areas in Boulder County. Last year played out like a greatest hits album of Boulder County riding and this year will be better. I've even got a late-in-the-ride surprise if you're up for it :)

See you Sunday!


The Evil MGE! said...

Plan on being there suffering. Looking forward to it, Dave.

redstone said...

Yeah, it's going to be good. I hope you enjoy it MGE. This was one of my favorite rides I did last year. Had a smile on my face the whole time.

redstone said...

Be prepared to be out for 9 hours in all elements and be self sufficient for whatever you may encounter :). There are NO bailouts and this is not an easy ride. Riding will be technical. Conditions will find a way to be adverse. Lots of climbing. Etc. You know, the fun stuff.