Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tomac 2010

Tomac has made a few changes with their 2010 lineup. Here are some of the new things we'll be seeing.

First off, the Tomac Vanish. 160mm of travel, $1600
Revised Tomac Snyper. 140mm travel, $1400
Tomac Flint 29er. $500 frame. SS or gears via a Bushnell eccentric bb.
New Tomac Automatic 120, $1200

No news on the Cortez, Type X, Carbide, or Carbide SL, but we'll keep you posted.

Clark from Tomac Bikes will be here this Sunday to join us on our Big Fall Ride 4. He'll be on his way back from Interbike with the demo rig in tow. I don't think he's going to set up for demos, but he'll have some sweet 2010 bikes for us to peek at!


Doug said...

Looks like their pricing policy is $10 per mm of suspension travel.

redstone said...

Yep :)

Other bikes in the lineup this year are returning bikes - the Type X carbon hardtail ($1300), Cortez AL 26" hardtail ($450), and the Carbide SL carbon full suspension ($1400).