Wednesday, June 10, 2009

great tuesday nighter

Thanks everyone for coming out. I think that ride, to this day, was the least carnage or mechanical filled Tuesday Nighter at Lion's Gulch yet. Only 1 minor mechanical and 2 flats and we were even out by dark. dang. We'll have to try harder next time.

The climbing was tough

There was a good, not oft ridden meadow

and some fun desceding

Jen G takes one of the hard sections and makes it look easy.


The Evil MGE! said...

Nice! I'm gonna have to get back up there to ride Lion's soon.

Chelsea said...

Looks like fun!! I'll have to try and make it out for a ride some week!!

redstone said...

Definitely do, Chelsea. We try to keep it entertaining :)

lubes17319 said...

Sweeet looking!
Planning on making the journey up yonder from Lakewood for this week's adventure.