Monday, June 01, 2009

Coulson Gulch- The out that is down and the back that is up

Ride stats for the Lyons Fat tire Fest out and back– Total distance 10.4 miles, 1919 ft. climbing, 2.5hrs total ride time with 40 minutes of that stopped according to my Garmin Edge. Only one minor mechanical- a broken power link. Excellent day!
Perfect riding day- sunny during the descent, got cloudy as we approached our turn around point, the gray skies thundered signaling our break was over, and got a smidgeon of rain to cool our bodies and lift our spirits out of the pain locker as we climbed the steepest portions of the ascent.

Flowers make the sun shine.

Chad cheering Christine and her new bike on thru
Plenty of picture taking spots

Plenty of singletrack
Lyons local Julie was rockin’ her Rock Lobster
Them bones
Dandy lion! Bambi was not the only victim. We lost a yeti within the first 100 feet of riding.
This yeti made it. Pink power- I got to get me some of that pink Gatorade
Rest stop at the base of North Sheep Mountain and our turn around point.
Someone mentioned it was Courtney’s 5th ride. Thumbs up!
Dandelion trailside repair. Bent over to tighten bolts on my cage and out came blood. Damn these bloody noses. No Kleenex no worries. Great ride all!

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