Friday, June 19, 2009

Big Summer Ride Schedule

Seems like the Redstone crew and friends likes our big rides so much, we're going to start doing them once per month. We'll officially "end" them with our big season capper, the Big Fall Ride in September. These will be definite all day'ers. Meet at the shop at 9am and back for dinner. We'll see about finding some adventure, too, as all rides will be left to on trail interpretation and possible route exploration. Sound like your kind of fun? Sounds like my kind of fun. Read on.

Saturday June 27
The Gold Tour. Not Golden the town, but golden lakes and ridges between LHC and James Canyon. Good stuff. Not as brutal technically, but will have a legitimate crapload of climbing. To be honest, I'm too ascared to preride it. So I won't. 20 min from Lyons

Saturday July 25
Peaceful Tour of the Dick. How about almost everything between Peaceful Valley and Brainard lake? A little Buchanan Pass? Some SSV? Sure. Sourdough? You bet. Little Raven? Got it. We'll only get around 20 miles, but it's 20 miles of the rockiest, most technical trail around. Exhaustion guaranteed for all but the most excruciatingly fit. 30 min from Lyons

Saturday Aug 22
Wildcard. I've been contemplating climbing 3k' in vert to the top of a pass, then dumping down the backside just to see what's there for quite some time now. Every time I've attempted, it takes so long to get to the top, I'm always too tired for more climbing so I've turned around. I would love to do a loop on the other side, then back to the top of the pass. Once you're down the other side though, you are committed to a serious climb back up to the top o the pass. Think of it as a lollipop loop with a mystery flavor wrapper. 45 min drive from Lyons.

September date TBA, probably 26
Big Fall RideIV. We'll drop you off somewhere in the forest and you'll have to ride back to Lyons on as much dirt as possible. Last year was about 8hrs and folks were hurting. We're thinking of adding another hour or so this year. Just for fun.


Brian said...

Aug 22: "Think of it as a lollipop loop with a mystery flavor wrapper." Hmmm, sounds more like like a lollipop with a mysterious chewy center. Could be a tootsie roll, or bubble gum, or maybe even poo.

redstone said...

Keep the weekend of Aug 22 wide open. We may just bail on the original plan and go camping out in the middle of nowhere for some real adventure. Got the maps out. Found a 30ish mile point to point that's mostly above 11k and mostly above timberline. Hopefully, it will crack us all.