Sunday, November 02, 2008

Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to make it out the first ever Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show. The organizers felt strongly enough that since we have so many fine bicycle craftsmen in the region that we should have our own show. I don't disagree. There are quite a few framebuilders in the area - some that have been practicing the art for years and a few that have picked it up recently. I've long been a fan of lugs, steel, and other handbuilt beauties and I wanted to see what our local bicycle artisans were up to. Proceeds from the $5 entry fee went towards the CU Cycling program.

Dean cycles brought out a few beauties. They had a couple of their standard fare ti mountain and road frames, but these two bikes really stood out. A singlespeed crosser, all pimped out with gold
And a very, very nice steel roadie with polished lugs and a chromed rear triangle. Just the way a classic road bike should be - lugged and chrome :)

I liked what Argonaut brought as well. His lugs were probably the nicest polished lugs out there. Good thing because polishing lugs is a $250 upcharge per lug.

Yipsan, a framebuilder that I'd not previously heard of had a few bikes there, too. Yipsan is from just up the road in Ft Collins. Here's a really nice 650b crosser/all arounder.

Civilian Cycles had some niceties as well.

This was probably one of my favorite bikes of the show. Would've been sweeter with disc brakes, though...

Moots brought out their $8000 commuter. Internally geared Rohloff rear hub and a front wheel mounted generator were some highlights from this around towner.

One of my favorite builders at the show turned out to be Victoria Cycles from Salida. There big on 29ers down there - David Hill of Victoria had an interesting take on the 29er mtb.

My daughters thought he had the best headbadge of any exhibitor.

I really liked his lugwork detail.

Absolutely beautiful road bike.

Groundupcycles had a pretty nice 29er. Their frames were a bit on the unrefined side, though.

Another of my favorites - Black Sheep. James really does it up. His bikes have really come a long way in the last few years. How about this monster 36" wheeled bike. I wonder what it wouldn't pedal over. I really like the chainguard, too.

And a really far out racer bike. Sweet!

I've got to say that I was most dissapointed with Tiemeyer Cycles from Estes Park. I have heard a lot of really good things about him and was looking forward to meeting him. Unfortunately, Tiemeyer, a fellow Schwinn employee of old, came across as a washed up, expert on everything, out of shape roadie. He was aloof and acted like he was too cool for school. I asked him how the show was going late on Sat. His response was, "Well, not very good. I haven't gotten anyone to give me their credit card number yet." Hmm, okay. All in all, though, it was a good show. Saw some cool bikes and met some cool folks. The show runs thru 7pm today, Sunday. If you're a real bike fan and you get a chance to get down to the CU campus in Boulder, you owe it to yourself to check it out.


MG said...

nice. thanks for all the images dave. i didn't even know about that show. that blacksheep 36er is super sweet. talk about a roller... monster truckin' over shit.

talk to ya' soon.


redstone said...

Yeah, they did a poor job of promotion. I talked to all of the vendors and they are eager to get after it. Seemed like a lot of them would rather have come up here than to Portland (or Indiana). Most exhibitors were from this area but there were a couple of builders from further away like ID, OR, and CA. I think that next year could be extra good with a little more promotion and coordination.

emkruse said...

dude awesome pics thanks for sharing!