Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Intense Tracer VPs in the house!

I finally got in a large Intense Tracer VP to be my new ride/shop demo bike. I've been waiting for this one for a while. In fact, after being in the bike business for a while, I guess I've become a bit jaded. Well, not really jaded but perhaps a little numb. Thing is, there are a lot of super sweet bikes out there. I just haven't been this excited about a new bike in a loooong time. I've got this set up with a Fox 32 Float 140 RLC in the front and mostly XTR and Thomson bits. Weight as pictured with Intense CC2.25 tires is 28.6.
The craftsmanship is immaculate.

Lots of cool new ideas on this bike, too. Check that the back of the upper linkage has been slotted to make it easier to assemble.

Amazing welding on the head tube. That's one of the many reason I prefer the Intense works/raw finish. There's no way to hide these welds behind paint. Besides, with welds like that, you've got to show off.

New for this year throughout the entire Intense lineup is tapered bearings with grease ports for easy lubing. Say goodbye to frozen up bearings.
Super clean cable routing, too. Nothing shifts better than full housing.
And adjustable rear travel of 5.5" or 6".
Pretty cool bike. I've got about 3 rides on it so far and it has not dissapointed. I'll have more detailed ride impressions and a more thorough review later. Stay tuned!

Tell us you read about it on Redstone Underground and take 15% off a new Intense Tracer VP. If you're not local, call us and we can work out the details.

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