Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brr, it's actually getting more seasonable

Rockin and I made it out for a post shop closing ride today. Shop close at 3 means that any long ride will be half day/half night. That's ok, just an excuse to use my Niterider lights, which is always good.

It was dry. Really dry. The dirt is really crumbly and following another rider means choking on lots of dust. We went in search of moisture but didn't make it all the way. Not one puddle was to be found, let alone 2. Maybe another ride. Sure was good to be able to still get up into the forest at those elevations in late November. My fingers and toesies were sure chilly when we were done. In fact, my fingers and toes still have the chill in them despite the fact that our ride was done hours ago. It's getting cold, too. We started our ride with waning daylight and 39 degrees. By the time we made it back to the car, temps had fallen to 28. Yeah, good stuff.

Tuesday ride? 6pm at the bike shop. We've got a couple things up our sleeves. Bring enough lights to get you a few hours, this could be a good one. Be ready for some steep steeps and cold temps, too. Maybe they'll serve us turkey at Oskars afterwards. :)

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