Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Store update

Got a few cool things in the shop recently. Namely, inexpensive cruisers. Got a men's and women's Schwinn singlespeed steel cruisers in for $225. Simple and stylee.

Also, I have a very cool consignment deal here, too. If you've ever wanted to build an Xtracycle, now is the time. I got one in on consignment with the deck and bags for only $275. It's in pretty good shape, too. The deck could be sanded and restained, but that's about it. You'll need a hardware kit and some small parts to hook it up, too. It's only going to be here for a week. If it doesn't sell, it goes back to the orginal owner so hurry up!

Oh, almost forgot. We got in a new super sweet Ritchey WCS flat bar with 10 degree sweep. If you love the sweep of a riser without the height, this is the bar for you. Farid from Singletrack Maps stopped in today, too. He dropped off a couple of maps for us.

Buffalo Creek as well as his brand new Jefferson County map. We're all stocked up on Latitude 40 maps, too.

Spring is coming and new stuff is showing up all the time. Come on by!

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