Thursday, March 04, 2010

Hall Ranch Conditions/Trailwork Update

Since I got a bunch of phone calls yesterday about conditions at Hall Ranch, and I no doubt will receive many more today, I thought it best to saddle up and check them out first hand.

Right out of the lower parking lot, the parking lot connector trail was so muddy that I turned around. Went back up the road to the upper parking lot and I ran into the county trail crew (and a jail crew) taking a break. Because it's been so muddy and because so many folks haven't been paying attention to the rules of trail, county trail maintenance has gone to drastic measures.

They are completely reworking the tread of the lower section reroute. They are raking the mud, mixing in crushed rock and tamping it in to create something more akin to roadbed. The photos here show just some of the work they've done this morning. They were waiting on another truck full of rock and they needed to further work it in. I pointed out that the off camber corners with ill placed rock could become even more dangerous with a loose, crushed rock surface. County workers acknowledged the fact, but are counting on the fact that it will pack in and wear in well over time. Their primary concern is to keep the trail sustainable enough for people to stay ON TRAIL. The project supervisor pointed out that they wouldn't be doing any of this if folks would stay away when muddy and/or stay on trail when they encounter mud.

The good news. Word was that past the lower mud quagmire, the rest of the Bitterbrush trail is not too bad and should be good to go for the weekend, pending continued wind and warm temps. If you go - remember to stay on trail and ride thru the mud. thanks!


Tree said...

I assume Antelope is a sloppy mess... yes?

redstone said...

That'd be my guess. Anything not in direct sun (and even some stuff that was) was supermudaliscious.