Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We went nordic style again for our last Tuesday ride of the non DST era. To say it was good would be a major understatement. It was fantastic. The freeze/thaw cycle has started at least a little bit on Buchanan Pass. That translates into harder, faster, and more packed in snow. Again, we made it up to the waterfall, but it was less hiking up and less endo-ing down. Seriously good stuff. Good enough that MT had to leaver her mark on dirtydoug's snow crusted back.

Watch out for that log.

Again, the singlespeed was the weapon of choice. And again, I probably could've handled a cog easier gear, but rigid was definitely the way to go. Stayed clean, too!


The Evil MGE! said...

Sorry I missed it Dave. Got home and Missus Goat said she was tired so I went for a spin on Dakota and Green Mtn before going back home and taking over the younguns. Both are riding good except for a short sloppy section on the "stairs".

redstone said...

You definitely missed out on this one, MGE!