Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Summer riding at Eldora?

I just got this info from the BMA newsletter. Check it out!

Eldora Ski Area Master Planning Meeting
Wednesday Feb 10th 4pm - 8pm
Boulder Library - Canyon Theater
1001 Arapahoe Ave
Tues Feb 16th 1pm - 6pm
Eldora Mountain Resort Main Lodge
2861 Eldora Road

Yesterday in the Daily Camera Eldora Mountain Resort ran a ad inviting the public to attend one of three open houses as they seek input on suggestions for facilities and upgrades at the resort. They are also updating their "Master Plan".
Summer programming at Eldora.... if that is something you would like to see develop at this ski area, NOW is the time to communicate that desire.
Unfortunately, summer programming does not seem to be on Eldora's radar at this time. Comments can be submitted online by clicking here, and there is opportunity to ask the ski resort for a summer program that includes cycling. If this is something you would like to see develop at this local ski area, NOW is the time to do it. Expressing that desire in person is likely more effective than submitting comments, but in either case, we suggest that you ask that you be kept up to date with this process and challenge Eldora to consider implementing summer program.
They will never know what we want until we tell them....

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That would be pretty fat actually.