Monday, February 15, 2010

The search for dry CO singletrack...Peach Valley OHV

Tuff winter for all types of riding. Are you desperate enough to drive to Olathe, CO a tad south of Grand Junction? I was. Cutting edge research on mtbr revealed Peach Valley may be one of the only dry spots available in the state. The forecast showed a 20% chance of snow showers for Saturday afternoon. It was a gamble but my eyes were fixed upon the singletrack dots on the Gunnison Gorge National Conversation Area BLM map.
Definitely a moto area
These motos are in the open area...they can ride where ever they please. I imagine the majority of motos spend their time playing in these areas looks like fun.

Meaning less traffic on the singletrack that ran from the canyons up to the ridges thru junipers
This canyon wall had some greens and purples that I couldn't capture on camera
The 2.4 ardent continues to impress me, real happy with this tire...farewell stouts

The upper portion of spike trail still had some wet spots and patches of snow. The scandal has ample clearance

Took a break at the top of black ridge to take in the views peering into the gunnison gorge.

Very center of this picture you might be able to make out the gunnison river
Buff singletrack- not too motoed out
Mystery ditch
Great thing about the western slope is you get more daylight in the evening. Didn't get dark until 6:20 and that afternoon snow shower never came. Great day rode for 4 hours in shorts.
Cooked dinner and crashed... car campin style on BLM land doesn't get easier. Had big riding plans until I woke up to this.
Got down to 15 degrees and laid 1/2-1" of dry powder. Funny didn't snow in Grand Junction and didn't snow towards Montrose- the snow just hit where I was at. The gods must be laughing. No more big ride. Dog didn't mind.

Took the long way home...stopped at some places I've never been before like Paonia and this other town that has a familiar name.

Peach Valley OHV definitely seems like a viable alternative to Grand Junction and Fruita especially if you want to escape the masses.


Melis said...

Nice man. What do you mean farewell Stouts??? I still have 2 of yours in my truck....if i ever leave AZ i'll get em back to you.

dougm said...

I was pretty disappointed to hear WTB was discontinuing the stout. I was pretty happy with the stout, and thought there was going to be a gap in terms of an agressive 29er trailbike tire. The ardent 2.4 is filling this gap nicely- sidewall more robust than the 2.25 and knobbies are bigger not as huge as stout but fit the bill nicely with the plus of faster rolling than stout. I'll just use the stouts as front tire until my supply is depleted.

redstone said...

Looks like fun, Doug. Worth a Spring road trip?