Monday, February 01, 2010

Ask and ye shall receive

Remember the cone zone at the bottom of Hall Ranch and how the trail had widened to an unacceptable and disgusting width? Boulder County OS staff has reworked the trail. They have fixed most of the damage and have given more visual cues of the trails character. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that recent changes at Hall Ranch are a direct result feedback from the mountainbike community.

I was out today. Here are a couple few before and after pics:

Boulder County Open Space doesn't exactly move at light speed on most projects, but I found this to be refreshing. From what I've seen, they ARE listening, it just takes a while usually to get things happening.


kjohnson said...

Good deal, I think those logs will keep the trail more contained.

dougm said...

wowzers...or impale you as you lose control on an offcamber section. I want berms damn it.

redstone said...

Did you know that dammit I'm mad is a palindrome?

Berms would be great, no doubt. They do want folks to be going relatively slow thru this area, though, since it's right by the parking lot.

-b said...

Funny. The cones have reflector tape on'em. Are they expecting night-riding poachers?

Good to see that they changed this section. I was hatin' on the most recent arrangement that had anti-berms.