Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tuesday was on

Even with Dave out on vacation 4 of us still managed to get out tonite. Chad, chris l, bstiff, and I hit the locally famous Lyons ghetto singletrack. Chad "Blaze" Melis led up the crew and took us on a ride that covered the old town, northside, and southside. We all rode our singlespeeds except for bstiff on his wannabe singlespeed rohloff dos niner. Liked the way we linked up the ghetto- it was different. We also did things differently at OB's and ordered shots of maker's. Warmed that belly up quick.
No pics from tonight- but I did double dip today. I headed down to Pueblo South Shore where the trails are dry. Digging the Pueblo trails, especially during this snow spell. Trails were pretty much bone dry except for the north facing canyon innards. I liked the set-up; good mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails in this 30+ mile stacked loop network. Spreads folks out. Diverse too- ranged from short steep rocky technical to buff fruita like singletrack. Could bring any bike from your quiver and be content. Great for singlespeed rigids too. Definitely would go back to master some of the technical lines. The turner sultan did well today. I recently replaced the pads on my formula oro biancos with the formula brand sintered pads (this is what came with biancos originally). Nice to be back on an awesome pad again. Previously went with a cheaper brand-ceramic pad, and the difference in feel and stopping power is significant.

Trail conditions- this trail had the most snow about 1/2" of packed powder
Shot of Hooter's-

Rolling singletrack, unfettered vista of the mountains in the west

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