Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last Tuesday Ride of the Year 12/22

Prior obligations have me out of Tuesday rides this Tues (12/15) and maybe out on 12/29 so the Tuesday of next (22nd) week is going to be our last Tuesday Nite Ride of the year. We're riding regardless of conditions so stay tuned for our destination.

We're also going to have a gift exchange that nite , but this one's actually going to be fun. Get ready for the first ever Redstone Cyclery White Elephant 6 Pack Exchange! Here's the rules:

Bring a 6 pack of beer to the bike shop before the ride - they don't even have to match, it just has to be 6. Good beer, crappy beer, whatever. I'm sure we'll have a good variety. That's the only rules I have so far. Maybe we can make up more as we go along. Be prepared - it's going to be huge.

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