Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Night Riding is Good Riding

Glad we got out right before the snow hit! There were flurries here and there on the trail last night, but that's it. The ride ended up being another darn near perfect conditions night ride at Left Hand OHV. 14 riders represented and toughed out the steep and tech terrain. We did our normal 2 lapper. Lap one was up to 5 points and beyond to hit the new singletrack, 845. Troyboy's first time down and he loved it.
Thanks to all the riders that have been getting on 845 recently. It's getting worn in and turning into a heckuva fun trail.

Back up to 5 points for lap #2 after that. It was nice to see some OHV educational signage on the kiosk at 5 points. Keep those roads narrow!
Loop #2 up Fireman Hill and down 842/841 did not dissapoint, as usual. And noone fell off any cliffs last night, too, which was good.

Oskars never dissapoints either :)
Thanks for the ride everyone. We'll figure something out for next week. Might be LGS on the SS.

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