Thursday, October 08, 2009

touring and road tripping

Bob and Ilan stopped in on Tuesday. Just a couple guys out on a bike ride. A rather long bike ride, though. They left from New York a bit ago and are on their way to LA. They stopped byt the shop on Tues on their way up to Estes. So far, they'd heard that Trail Ridge Rd was open and were planning on hitting it first thing on Wed. Well, that didn't pan out. Trail Ridge was closed again on Wed. The 2 guys, Bob and Ilan, stopped in on Wed with new plans. Now, south thru New Mexico then on to LA. Good luck fellas!

From the looks of it at the shop here, Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park is probably going to be closed for the season.

The shop will be closed from 1-6 on Friday and closed on Sunday this weekend. Sorry for the interuption in Service, but we're heading for warmer temps. Original plans were for the Big Wheeled Ballyhoo, but temps in the 20s aren't quite as enticing for bike riding as temps in the 70s... We'll be back to regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday and yes, that includes the Tuesday Night Ride :)

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