Friday, October 02, 2009

more Tomac 2010

Clark from Tomac stopped by the other day to show off some 2010 Tomac Bikes goodies.
So far, I'm pretty impressed with the 2010 lineup. All they have right now is some pre production prototypes so I didn't take super detailed shots of everything as a few things are changing. I did snap a photo of the new Snyper and of the new Instant Active Suspension (IAS) link, though.

Here's the new Snyper. It's got the same geometry and angles of the current Snyper (yay) but some small tweaks have been made to the front and rear triangle. The front triangle changes to a traditional diamond frame for more water bottle room and a traditional front der mount. The rear triangle loses the carbon flex stay and adds a verticle brace on either side.

Also added is the new IAS link between the rear triangle and the swing link.

The IAS link yields better small bump absorption than the previous carbon flexstay. A quickie ride on the new Snyper felt like the old Snyper, but a bit more buttery. Good call on the IAS guys. Can't wait to see the production models! If you look closely in this last photo, you can see a seatstay bridge has been cut out. Original designs had the bridge but no vertical braces. The addition of the verticle braces yeilded way more stiffness which allowed Tomac to remove the bridge for added tire clearance.

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