Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tuesday Ride 7/14

Be at Redstone Cyclery at 5:30 and ready to caravan. We'll be driving 1/2 hour or so to Peaceful Valley and riding there. The ride will be Middle St Vrain (or Coney Creek, we'll see) to the wilderness boundary then down Buchanan Pass trail.

This ride will be:
A)wet, I mean really wet. Potential drivetrain wrecker. Lots of water crossings and some mud at the top.

B)really technical. Technical climbing on wet jeep road rocks, then down one of the most blissful and technical trails around.

C)high. We'll be riding between 8 and 10 thousand feet.

D)trouble. something will inevitably go wrong and we'll probably get back to the car after dusk. If you have a light, you should bring it :)

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