Monday, July 13, 2009

road ride today

I haven't been spending much, no any, time on my road bike lately. I rode the crosser a few times this winter, but the last time I dilligently hit the roads was last August. Guess I haven't felt the pull of those skinny tires yet. Alas, it is Tour time, though. The Tour always gets me jonesing for a road ride.

So I went for a road ride today. When I got there, I saw that the road was closed.
The road was a long one.
The trees were dense. No bushwacking would be done here.
Despite the wind and grumbling weather, my gamble paid off and I successfully avoided all of the micro cells and squalls.
See the road here? Nope, me neither. Guess I was going the wrong way on this one. Fortunately, not a long hike out.
It's Tour time after all. Get some road riding in.


303cycling said...

How do you find these roads, they look perfect

redstone said...

Lots of exploring. Just pick a jeep road on a map and say, "I'm in!" and go exploring. There's plenty of great jeep road riding around Boulder County. Just give yourself a days time to get lost, get a few maps and go.