Thursday, July 02, 2009

Intense Tracer VP for sale

I have absolutely loved my time with my large Intense Tracer VP but the time has come to part ways. It is an absolutely fantastic bike. In many ways, it's been the holy grail that I've seeked for many years. It climbs like a billy goat on crack and descends like a hot rock on a buttery slope. Without a doubt, this bike has made me a better rider.

Why move on, you ask? I dunno. Time for something different. Got my eyes on a 5 Spot now as I'd like to see how it compares. We shall see.

Give me a call or email ( if you're interested. I'm happy to part with this bike as a frame plus a few parts (frame/shock/headset/Thomson seatpost, XTR front der - $1675), or the whole shebang, XTR build and all ($3100). The frame will have the standard Intense warranty as well.

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