Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Do Not Watch the Arc

A lot of folks ask me what I like about Intense Cycles. Why I ride them and why I choose to sell them. Well, the answer is simple, really. They are great riding bikes and Intense is a solid crew that builds everything themselves.

Check out Jeff Steber from Intense's latest video and see why there are so many die hard Intense loyalists...

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emkruse said...

My first ever job was in a metal fab shop. I was 14 and swept the floors. The next 10 years of my life I worked in and around metal fabrication. Don't do that anymore, but the time in shop gives me a lot of respect for those guys and the quality of their craft. I think that's why I like and ride Intense, too. Oh that as well as the super ride quality, lightness, and rad styling of the bikes of course :) Thanks for sharing the vid!