Saturday, February 07, 2009

4th Annual BMA Gala Banquet

It was a good night last night. I mean, every night when we get a babysitter is a good night but last night was really good. A great night for the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance. We set sails for the St Julien Hotel in Boulder last night for the 4th Annual BMA Banquet.

Local celebrity announcer, Dave Towle, was MC for the packed audience.

Ed Peralt (left) from the USFS on stage bragging about how great our local Bike Patrol is. Here is is awarding Mtb Mike Barrow with most hours patrolled last year. Mtb Mike raises his hands and proclaims that, yes indeed, he is the man.

Unique auction items. From super pimpy pimpin ladies apparel

to blingy blingy wheels from Crank Bros.

This year BMA definitely had more auction items than I've seen at all 3 other banquets combined. There was even a trip to the Galapagos Islands that went for more than $5k. That's a good chunk of change donated to BMA.

After hours in the St Julien bar, BMA officers say "thanks."

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