Sunday, February 01, 2009


So, I decided to have a couple of friends over today. I knew they were good, but they still managed to blow my mind with their bmx trickery. Matt Cordova, winner of the Lyons Outdoor Games Dirt Jump Competition, and his friend, who I didnt get many photos of, Garrett Drier, brought their bmx bikes and their bag of tricks to the Sam Powers Compound and tore it up.

Matt thought it would be fun to try out my custom painted Children's bike. It worked out pretty well.

Here I am, just trying to keep up.
Matt, throwing a tuck no-hander.
And here's Matt and Garrett. Matt looks to be fine-tuning the flat black 16-inch. Or, Dave thinks that Garrett is saying, "Mine's bigger than yours!"

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redstone said...

Caption on the last pic should read, "Mine's bigger than yours."