Thursday, October 18, 2012

Caveat Emptor

Veloswap/Used parts PSA:

With Veloswap, ebay, craiglist, and others, there are just as many bad deals as there are good deals.  We definitely recommend that, if you're buying used, it's imperitive that A)you get the goods in your hand to look over in person and B) you or someone you know understands what you're looking at.

Case in point - A customer recently brought in a set of wheels for us to check out.  Bought them used as a smoking deal.  The wheelset was sold as used hubs in a new build.  Take a look at the 3 spokes.  One of the spokes shows several threads exposed.  The other 2 spokes have loctite or something on them to mask the fact that the threads are showing.  A good handbuilt wheelset should have all of the threads buried in the nipple.  Also, note the corrosion on the nipples.  That's something that may or may not be an issue down the road with a popped nipple head.

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