Monday, October 01, 2012

Big Fall Ride VII, 2012 edition

Sorry I don't have more pictures.  I was on track for lots of pics, but my camera battery crapped out and I nursed it along without taking many pics.  Here's what I ended up with!

Ian ready to start the day in Allenspark.  And what a fine day it was.

After a tough-ish rocky road climb, it was time for singletrack.
 The rocky road climb wasn't tough-ish on a singlespeed.  It was strait up hard.

Singletrack thru the middle of nowhere sometimes means hiking :)

 More singletrack.  Tougher than it looks.  Steep sidehilling action.
 With looseness
 Break spot had good views.
 Late in the day.  Still smiling.
 Last shot of the day.  Most people don't think of smooth and buff when they think of Left Hand OHV.
After that, it was in on Heil and party time at the shop.  We all made it out before dusk, too, so we were totally legal and abided by all County Open Space rules about riding after dusk!

Thanks for coming out everyone.  Hope you all had a great time!

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