Wednesday, November 16, 2011

REEBin' it up in the desert down south

Having heard so many great things about the Pueblo Reservoir and having never been there, the powers that be decided it was time for a REEB Cycles road trip to the south!  Thursday pm, 4 of us loaded the car with REEBs, several cases of beer, good attitudes, and a serious desire for some Colorado desert riding.

Given that, it should probably go without saying that we all woke up early Friday with thundering headaches and a lot of empty Dales Pale Ale cans.
Good way to start the day, really. As soon as we could motivate, we sauntered out of our hotel across the street to what turned out to be a really unexpected highlight of the trip - Southwest Grille.  SW Grille is a completely awesome greasy spoon diner just west of downtown Pueblo on Hwy 50.  It's on the way to the Res and is highly recommended.  My breakfast burrito with green chile definitely did not dissapoint.  After food and probably way too much coffee, the 4 of us were feeling good enough for a ride.  Time to roll!

Pueblo seemed to be a pretty cool town, albeit the fact that it kinda reminded me of Phoenix.  Desert, apparently no zoning, etc.  Geographically speaking, though, the place was cool.  Pueblo Reservoir was cool, too.  They basically dammed up the Arkansas River and flooded some canyonlands.  The resulting topography of it all was pretty cool.  Our sunny day never did actualize, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

Getting started, it was apparent that this would be no sidewalk ride.  That was ok with us.

 A couple of the crew (not me) had been down here before so they were our tour guides navigating this extensive trail network.
 The local flora/fauna was particularly inviting.
 Here's a few riding shots. 
 Oh, and a pile of REEB singlespeeds.

 We visited on 11/11/11, Nigel Tufnel day.  It was appropriate that we paid a visit to Stonehenge Trail.
 Check out the cairns!
 BUTTERY smooth singetrack on top of the mesas.

 Chad was embarassed about his pimpy white shoes.

 The riding down in Pueblo was darn good.  Buttery smoove singletrack on top of the mesas and chunky, rocky, descents down arroyos both narrow and wide.  There is something for everyone to enjoy down there.  Was it worth the effort to get down there?  Yep.
 Pueblo Reservoir.  We will be back.
 sincerely, the REEB team.

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