Thursday, November 03, 2011

MRP 2X chainguide

Episode 1 in a new category.  Favorite things.  Favorite, not because it sells well or is marketed well.  This is stuff that we ride and like and ride and like some more.  Because we like it, because it works like it's supposed to, and because we don't have to work on it any more.  I'd like to point out also, that Redstone Cyclery is an independent bike shop.  As in independent of any corporations telling me what we should and should not carry in the bike shop.  We carry bikes and parts that our customers like and that we like.  Not things that a company from WI or one with a big red S tells us to carry.

That said, here's one of our first favorites.  Anybody out there recently move to a 2x10 drivetrain?  Did you notice that on rough sections of trail, the chain has a habit of coming off the front rings no matter what you do?  Enter the MRP 2x Chainguide.  The MRP 2x is the only chainguide out there made specifically for a 2 ring setup on todays modern 2x10 drivetrain.  It is available for ISCG tabs or bottom bracket mount.  We've mounted a few of both.  The ISCG tabs make setup a no brainer.  On the bb mounts, you've got to get a little more creative, but it can be done effectively.

The MRP 2x before crank install
Inside chainring postion on the inside roller.

another shot of outside ring

outside chainring, outside roller
My first ride out on the 2x was a pretty fair sized epic outside of Breckenridge, Wheeler Pass.  We climb, climb, climb, climbed out of Breckenridge on what became an increasingly steep and rocky road.  Not having been a fan of chainguides in the past, being noisy and full of drag, I was a bit skeptical of how the 2x would perform when I needed pedaling efficiency to be at a maximum.  I was surprised.  If I really tried, I could feel the chainguide there, but I definitely didn't feel as if it was robbing me of any efficiency.  So far so good.  Perfect and smooth, but the real test would be on the descents.  Fortunately, this ride had a couple of really good descents to test the tensioner. The MRP 2x worked flawlessly.  I had zero chain tension related issues and everything stayed put like it's supposed to.  Gotta point out the incorporated bash guard on the 2x as well.  Having pretty much always been on a front triple, I've never had much use for a bashring because it would mean giving up my big ring.  Not the case now.  And I do have to admit, I've REALLY become accustom to having a bash guard on my bike!

Since that ride, I've put a bunch of hours on this chainguide.  I can honestly say, it's one of the best and smartest upgrades I've made to my Intense Tracer all year.  Good stuff.  The MRP 2x Chain Guide msrps for $150.

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