Friday, May 20, 2011

Intense Tracer 2 in the house!

Finally got our new Intense Tracer 2 in the house.

Had to stick with Formulas "The One" brakes. My favorite brake ever. Note also the replaceable dropouts. I'll eventually be rebuilding the wheel with a hub that can take a 142x12 thru axle :)

And I've been lusting after the Chromag Lynx saddle as well. Done.

There's extra beef on this years Tracer 2. Great tire clearance as well. And holy cow how 'bout those beautiful handmade in the USA welds.

Adjustable 5.5 or 6" of travel. I decided to try out this whole 2x10 thing as well.

Yep, pretty good. Ride report soon!

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