Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fat Tire Fest 11 this Saturday!

Wow, 10 years have already gone by and we're ready for another. What started as our housewarming party with friends and bike rides has turned into an annual event. An event that I really look forward to every year, an event that, to me, really signifies the start of the Spring/Summer season. Lyons Fat Tire Fest 11 is upon us.

I also look forward to the recon missions every year. That's when I get to ride a lot of the route at my pace, by myself. This year, though, I had my trusty companion, Bella, along for the ride. She says you're going to love it.

Fortunately, on our big Saturday ride, you'll get to avoid this road.
And you'll miss this view.

But you'll get this. You'll come up thru it. This gate is about 1/2 way on a 45 minute long hike a bike. You heard that correctly. 45 minute rock scramble. It's not mountain biking unless you're hiking, right?

Same route as last year, too. That means we'll have at least one more mandatory hike a bike. I'm still tossing around ideas to make it harder, too. Because of this:

The USFS has graded the shit out of the road. It used to be a relatively modest novice+ jeep road, but it's been graded enough for a logging truck to pass. That's ok, though, it'll be a good long rest section.

Oh, and don't forget, we're going to throw in quite a bit of singletrack, too. Stuff that most folks don't know about or haven't ridden. Not because it's super secret or anything, it's just out there. Way out there.

Couple of last disclaimers:
We'll be doing a lot of hiking.
Probably hiking thru some snow.
We'll probably get rained on.
The absolute steepest and most technical riding is at the very end. When you're tired.
Pretty much everyone blew sky high last year 90% into the ride.
If at least a couple people aren't using my name in vain by the end of the ride, the ride wasn't hard enough.

We'll have a B ride option for those of you wise enough not to partake in an all day sufferfest. Both rides meet at the shop at 8:30am on Saturday. The B ride option will be a point to point, so it'd help quite a bit if a few folks could bring vehicles that'll make shuttling easier. thanks!

Yep, that about covers it.

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