Sunday, June 06, 2010

Tuesday Ride 6/8

Bike shop at 5:30. We'll find something to challenge us :) How about a looooooong techy descent with a long and painful climb out? I'm in!

Here's the June Schedule for Tuesdays:

6/15 - trailwork on Picture Rock. We'll pedal from the bike shop at 5pm to the worksite. No problem if you can't make 5 - just come out whenever you can. You will run into us.

6/22 - day after solstice ride. Bring charged lights, we're going big and staying out late. Peaceful Valley region.

6/29 - Haven't made a Jtown trip in a while...


Anonymous said...

When you decide let me know. Melissa

Phil said...

I'll definitely be joining in these rides soon, I've been wanting to go for a while - but my work schedule hasn't allowed.
No light for this tuesday, but I'm in for next tuesday for sure!