Monday, June 07, 2010

Time to check out Sourdough and SSV

Monday Monday. Good day. Morning spent hanging out and running errands with the kiddos followed by a 3 hour romp in the forest is the recipe for a good Monday.

I'd heard from a few folks that Sourdough was pretty good as long as you weren't near Brainard Lake Road. Same sources also mentioned how absolutely perfectly good lower South St Vrain was. I had to check it out

The bike shop is closed on Mondays which means that's the only day that I can get out for a quality, substantial ride. Another Monday down the drain and today did not dissapoint.

I haven't been on the Sourdough trail since last fall. Like a friend that you may not see often, but is your best bud once you do.

Even though the climbing hurt right out of the gate.

More climbing. I used to call this the burn zone, but I think now I'll call it the new Aspen grove. 10 years ago the area was recovering from a fire and the aspen were only a foot or so tall.

A little descending, a little more climbing, then the view. You know, THE view.

Followed by more climbing. Like a baby's butt, it is.

more baby butt smoove singletrack

The only snow I saw today.

Then it was on to the South St Vrain trail for some quality descending. The SSV creek was freaking raging. Most water I've ever seen in there. It was so deafening it was scary.

Don't be fooled. Not all SSV is like this. But some parts are :)

It's more like this

and this

and this

but it is ALL great. Due to where I parked, I had to follow up all of that nice descending with a 20 minute grunt up a looooong and dusty dirt road. blah.

>And being a Monday, I had the whole place to myself. Saw 2 people the whole day.

Dirty and tired, great way to spend another Monday. Mondays. Excellent.

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