Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekly Update

Hope everyone out there in bloggerland is doing well. I hope some of you have been getting out to ride. Not on local trails, of course. They're muddier than sh!t. Please stay off of them for a while. Heck, it's only January after all. For that and other reasons, I haven't been riding much at all.

I'll be in the shop until about noon on Tuesday then I'll be out most of the week. I'll be back with normal hours (including the happy one) on Friday. Sorry for the inconvenience - I have to be out of town for a few days with the family. I'll see you when I return.

Feel free to ride on Tues. I'll be there in spirit!


Eric said...

If we decide on Boulder Valley Ranch how about Terrace Maya after for beers and grub? It is not great but it is biking distance from Bouler Valley Ranch trail head.

redstone said...

Lets take the Singles out to BVR and pray for cold temps. We haven't been there in quite a while. Bike shop at 6pm or Neva trailhead at 6:30!